ZetaProbe Analyzer™

ZetaProbe Analyzer

The ZetaProbe is the easiest to use, most accurate zeta potential analyzer available. Samples can be measured without dilution or sample preparation at concentrations up to 60% volume. Even the direct measurements of pastes, gels, cements, and other difficult materials are possible with the ZetaProbe.

The ZetaProbe features a compact design with built-in titration, versatile dip probe sensor, and software wizards. Automatic titration offers unattended rapid isoelectric point determination, as well as optimum dispersant or flocculant level control in a click of a button. The ZetaProbe offers many advances not found in other analyzers including automatic correction for particle size and double layer distortion. Yet, its easy to use software & rugged design makes the ZetaProbe ideal for use in research and plant optimization!

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Measures directly in concentrated colloids and emulsions
  • Measures difficult samples such as pastes, gels, & cements
  • Delivers the most accurate IEP determination available
  • Measures samples up to 60% volume
  • Offers versatile & rugged dip probe design with no moving parts
  • Measures in dip probe cup or customer supplied containers
  • Features axial bottom stirring for highly efficient mixing
  • Utilizes our patented multi-frequency electroacoustic technology
  • Automates potentiometric and volumetric titration
  • Operates without the need to enter particle size
  • Offers rapid cycle times; analysis in seconds

New ZetaProbe Features

We have developed a new range of accessories including small-sample and flow-through cells, a magnetic stirrer option for colloids that do not require vigourous stirring and a water jacket for temperature control. Want to learn more?

Technical Product Information

ZetaProbe Data Sheet (PDF 387Kb,2 pages)