About Colloidal Dynamics

Colloidal Dynamics Pty Ltd was founded in Australia in 1986 by Dr Richard O’Brien to develop the multi-frequency electroacoustic technique for the characterization of concentrated colloidal dispersions. Colloidal Dynamics developed the world’s first electroacoustic instrument for the measurement of particle size and zeta potential.

In 1997 David Cannon joined the company and founded the US branch, Colloidal Dynamics Inc. Colloidal Dynamics, Inc. was purchased by Agilent Technologies, Inc in 2008. In July 2009, Agilent sold the company back to David Cannon and it is in operations as Colloidal Dynamics LLC. Colloidal Dynamics has developed a new generation of electroacoustic and acoustic measurement instruments; the AcoustoSizer II series and the ZetaProbe. The AcoustoSizer II measures both particle size and zeta potential and is the only instrument to offer sizing by both electroacoustics and acoustic attenuation. The ZetaProbe is for measuring zeta potential using the multi-frequency electroacoustic method and offers many significant advantages over older, single frequency, electroacoustic zeta potential meters.

Both the AcoustoSizer II and the Zetaprobe are in use at academic and industrial research and process control facilities around the world. Colloidal Dynamics continues to be the world leader in the development of electroacoustic measurement instruments and the theory of the electroacoustic behavior of colloidal systems.


Colloidal Dynamics is the developer of the multi-frequency electroacoustic measurement for particle size and zeta potential and has also added acoustic attenuation for increased particle sizing capabilities. Colloidal Dynamics has the most experience and tools available for the electroacoustic and acoustic characterization of concentrated colloidal suspensions and the most solid and comprehensive theoretical backing for these measurements. Count on Colloidal Dynamics to give the right answers for even the most demanding applications.

Some recent applications that Colloidal Dynamics has been investigating include measurements in non-polar media and measurements on highly porous particles.


Colloidal Dynamics LLC does the manufacturing and engineering development of our products along with sales and after-sales service. David Cannon serves as the CEO of Colloidal Dynamics LLC

We have distributors in most markets outside of the US and Australia.