The Science

These documents are intended to give people new to the field of electroacoustics an understanding of the key related issues and concepts.

The Zeta Potential

Describes the nature of the electrostatic potential near the surface of a particle, called the zeta potential. Explains how the zeta potential is determined by measuring the velocity of the particles in a d.c. electric field.

Tutorial: The Zeta Potential (PDF 41Kb, 4 pages)

Particle Size Distribution

Describes methods of measuring and analyzing the Particle Size Distribution (PSD) in a colloidal suspension or emulsion.

Tutorial: Particle Size Distribution (PDF 54Kb, 4 pages)

The Dynamic Mobility

Shows how The Dynamic Mobility is a key factor in determining the size of particles and also the particle charge (through the zeta potential).

Tutorial: The Dynamic Mobility (PDF 40Kb, 3 pages)

Dynamic Mobility of Spherical Particles

Describes the Dynamic Mobility, and shows how the AcoustoSizer can be used to measure this characteristic.

Tutorial: Dynamic Mobility of Spherical Particles (PDF 35Kb, 3 pages)