These documents provide users with information, tips and useful techniques relating to Colloidal Dynamics' products.

Preparing a Stable Suspension from a Powder (PDF 76Kb)

Aqueous colloids can be stabilised by pH control or by adding dispersants. In this article we set out the steps for making a stable colloid and show how the ZetaProbe and AcoustoSizer can help in this process.

pH Titration of a Suspension (PDF 54Kb)

Describes the main steps in setting up and carrying out pH titrations with the AcoustoSizer and ZetaProbe

The Measurement of the ESA Effect (PDF 42Kb)

The note is an introduction to how the ESA (Electrokinetic Sonic Amplitude) effect is measured. This effect refers to the sound wave generated when an alternating electric field is applied to a colloidal suspension.

Determining the Particle Size of a Suspension or Emulsion (PDF 50Kb)

The note describes how the AcoustoSizer from Colloidal Dynamics can be used to determine an accurate particle size for a suspension or emulsion.

Avoiding Contamination (PDF 43Kb)

Describes how electroacoustic procedures like that used in the AcoustoSizer overcome the problem of contamination by avoiding the need for sample dilution.