Colloidal Dynamics/University of Sydney Research Group (Electrokinetics)

These are selected early works in electrokinetics, dielectric dispersion and zeta potential.

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Colloidal Dynamics/University Of Sydney Research Group (Electroacoustics)

These are works specifically in electroacoustics by the research group.

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Other Research Groups (Electroacoustics)

This area contains a limited listing of papers by other research groups in electroacoustics, appearing since 1992. Papers on the AcoustoSizer from other groups do not begin to appear until 1995.

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Notes on the Publications:

The publications relate to works in which the interaction between sound waves and electric fields is used to study the properties of colloidal suspensions.

The publications relate to the ESA method, and to multiple frequency measurements. They do not deal with CVP (or CVC) measurements at a single frequency. The theory for CVP has been known for some sixty years or more and application of the technology at a single frequency is in the public domain.

There are also notes comparing the ESA and CVP methods.